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Flexible Led Neon GIL-4-002

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Flexible LED Neon, Professional and Economical Versions
Low voltage, low energy used
Due to the use of LED, it consumes only 2.88W per foot.
High and even brightness
The light source is a string of light emitted diodes (LEDS) spaced a distance apart sufficient to permit the light emitted by each point light source into the special oval-shaped encapsulating jacket. Due to its own special structure and high intensity of LEDS, LED Neon provides the light with uniformity and neon-like brightness.
 Long lifetime and durability
LED Neon applies LED technology in a complete new structure, It is extremely durable under all conditions and has a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. Compare to glass neon, it is durable and impact resistant and energy saving.
Energy saving
LED Neon can save you up to 70% or more in energy costs:
Traditional glass neon: 8.75 watts per linear foot
LED Neon: 2.88watts per linear foot
Unlike neon lights that have to run on a very high voltage of 15,000V, LED Neon only operaters on 24V, As it is shock proof, very little heat emitted, it is absolutely safe to use.
Transportable and easy to install
Because of the fragility and heavy weight primarily due to its supporting infrastructure, traditional neon light is expensive to package and ship. LED Neon, with minimized size and lightweight, provides the handling benefit so that it is easy to transport. Similar to LED rope with its special designed accessories, LED Neon is easy to install and can save you tremendous labor