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GIP-1934 Corona Tennis Embedded Neon Illuminated Signs

  • GIP-1934 Corona Tennis Embedded Neon
  • GIP-1934 Corona Tennis Embedded Neon
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Corana Tennis Embedded Neon Sign
Optic Neon has perfected the "Embedded" neon process to become THE superior neon product-second to none,The benefits and advantages of the patented embedded versus skeleton; Metal frames are endless - not to mention the fact OPTI NEON has brought a traditional product full speed into the 21st century, making it more practical, economical and better suited to accommodate today's ever-changing business environments. This revolutionary accomplishment has garnered "glowing reports" from each and every end user far and wide. When it comes to embedded versus skeleton metal frame neon, you'll agree, there's truly no comparison.
- Cleaner Appearance;
- UL-Listed for Residential Use;
- Brighter in the Daytime;
- Safer Handling;
- Easier to Clean;
- Easier to Hang;
- Safer Shipping;